Brisbane Store – Flooding Update

QLD STORE FLOOD UPDATE UPDATE: STORE CLOSED ‘A BIT’ LONGER. OK folks, the update to our previous update is we may have been a tad optimistic when we advised we were hoping to be open again in a few days. And by ‘a tad’, obviously we mean ‘a lot’. We were a lot optimistic. We’re currently sending the same people who saved those kids in that cave in Thailand to check out the store and see what it’s like in there, but it’s looking like we might be closed for a few more days than a few more days. 😞And all light heartedness aside, (because if you don’t laugh, you cry, right?), our thoughts go out to all those experiencing loss of any kind at the moment. Such a terrible situation for so many people. Our family is quite fortunate to have a few other stores around Australia, so we can still take your calls and, hopefully, help you out with whatever you need – although it probably goes without saying delivering to many areas around the state is simply not possible at the moment. But if you’re in Queensland and you need to follow up an order or make an enquiry, feel free to call our Milton store on (07) 3368 3311 and we’ll do our best to look after you as always. We’ll update you again when we can, til then, stay safe and, if possible, dry. Here’s to getting through this soon!

One thought on “Brisbane Store – Flooding Update

  1. Vicki McAndrew says:

    Hi. I know you have a lot on your plate atm but I’m hoping you can help me. We are soon to move house and I have to find a home for my grandmother’s player piano. I have it’s original receipt from Palings Queen St dated Feb 1924, and >100 piano rolls. I know such things are hardly the flavour of the month, but I feel inable to consign it to oblivion, and was hoping you’d accept it as a gift…? Thanks

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