Casio CTX700 Portable Keyboard (CTX700)


Casio CTX700 is a powerful, great sounding portable keyboard at a very reasonable price


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What truly sets the CTX700 apart from other portable keyboards is its heart:

The powerful AiX Sound Source.  This technology makes the CTX700 sound like a keyboard costing much more.


Wherever you are on your musical journey, and no matter your budget, you shouldn’t have to compromise on sound quality.  Meet the CTX700.  Its modest prices makes it the right choice for casual or beginning players, and its stunning sound makes it a must-have for keyboardists of any level who need a portable instrument.

AiX Sound Source

Newly developed for the CTX range, AiX stands for Acoustic Intelligent Expression.  This new technology means that sounds and styles are more expressive than ever before.

Play a grand piano, and hear a meticulously-recorded 9-foot grand in a virtual concert hall.  Play an electric piano, and hear vintage phasers and amplifier models that take you back in time.  Play a flute, trumpet, or a saxophone, and hear natural breath and vibrato.  Play a bass, and hear the player switch techniques based on how hard you press the keys.  Play a synth, and add an arpeggiator and drum part, and creat the next EDM hit.
The list goes on.  Use the Category button to explore the 600 Tones, and in each category you’ll find an incredible variety of lifelike instruments that go far beyond your expectations.

Bring In The Band

Welcome to a new age in rhythm accompaniment authenticity!  With hundreds of built-in Rhythms, you’ll always have a band ready to jam.  The variety of Rhythms spans the globe as well as the history of popular music.  You’ll find old favourites and chart-topping hits, all played with incredibly realistic instruments that sound better than ever.  The drum kits come alive with authentic acoustic drums, vintage drum machine sounds, and a huge collection of percussion instruments  and sound effects.

Connect and Create

The CTX700’s class-compliant USB-MIDI port connects to any Mac, PC, Android or iOS device with no drivers or installation needed.  The included music rest is designed to support tablets, and there’s even a built-in smartphone shelf to hold your device as you use the CTX700 with your favourite music apps. The next model up is the Casio CTX800

Additional information


LCD Display (108mm x 38mm)


61 Keys, touch sensitive





Inputs & Connectivity

Headphones, sustain pedal, aux in, USB to Host

Recording Playback

Midi, 6 tracks, 5 songs, 40,000 notes per song


100 types


12 cm x 2 Speakers + 2.5W + 2.5W amplifier

Product Dimensions

948 mm x 350 mm x 109 mm

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