Casio CDP135 Portable Piano (CDP135BK)


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The CDP135 is a quality contemporary digital piano with a graded 88 note hammer action.

With its natural keyboard touch the Casio CDP135 is a sensible stepping stone to begin learning the piano. The benefit of digital pianos are that they never require tuning, saving hundreds of dollars each year. Featuring a new grand piano sound coming from the ‘Dual-Element AHL sound source this digital piano represents great value and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

64 Voice Polyphony

Polyphony is the number of notes that an electronic keyboard can sound at one time. Whilst we may have only 10 fingers to play the piano with, by holding down the sustain (damper) pedal we can sustain many notes at once creating a long lasting lush sound.

Simple operation, offering the essential features

The Dual-Element AHL Sound Source delivers 10 built-in tones which sound better than ever before. The CDP135 tones include Grand Piano Standard, Grand Piano Mellow, Grand Piano Bright, Elec Piano 1, Elec Piano 2, Elec Piano 3, Harpsichord, Strings, Pipe Organ and Jazz Organ. There is also a dual sound feature which allows for 2 sounds to be played at once. A popular setting is to combine the piano and strings sounds together. The are also built-in digital effects like reverb and chorus.

Scaled (Graded)Hammer Action Keyboard

A spring-less hammer system that is similar to the one used by grand pianos provides a keyboard touch that is naturally firm. Lower notes feel heavier than higher notes, just like the keys on a grand piano.





Quality Speakers

The newly developed speaker system delivers a rich, high-quality sound, clearly reproducing a wide dynamic range of sound from the bass range right though to the treble.

cpd speaker

5 Year Warranty

All Casio keyboards, digital pianos and synthesizers purchased from Australian Piano Warehouse are backed by a 5 year warranty.*

*warranty conditions apply.


0, 1-9 beats; tempo range: 30 to 255 bpm
Included: SP-3 [Terminal x1]
Key Transpose
25 steps [-12 to +12 Semitones]
Tuning Control
A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
Yes – This Product is not equipped with MIDI Terminals. MIDI communication between the product and a computer is performed using the USB Port.
Phones Terminal
1 [Stereo Standard Jack]
Pedal Terminal
1 [Damper]
USB Port
Included Accessories
SP-3 Pedal, Music Stand, AC Adaptor
Adaptor Type


CS44P stand for CDP135


Also see Casio PX160

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