Brodmann PE-162 Grand Piano Polished Ebony (PE-162PE)

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Ideal size grand piano for the modern home

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With a sound rich and full beyond its parlour dimensions, the Brodmann PE-162 is the mid-sized grand piano in the Brodmann Professional Edition Series and is a truly world class instrument built from the finest materials. Featuring a soft-close fallboard, adjustable music rest, true sostenuto pedal, a 10-year warranty and a wide range of colour options, the PE-162 is perfect for when you want a premium quality grand piano at a reasonable price.

Only the highest-quality European parts are used in the areas of the piano that contribute to the sound, and the piano has been designed by experienced piano builders with previous affiliation with a well-known, top-end Viennese piano manufacturer. The name of Joseph Brodmann, the famous Viennese piano maker, stands for more than just a product name. The sound philosophy of Joseph Brodmann Pianos is based on the European sound tradition.

Abel Hammers

The Abel Hammer Company is considered by many pianists and piano technicians to be the very best hammer manufacturer in the world today. Using the finest felt and wood and built to very precise specifications, Abel hammers imbue a piano with a beautiful singing tone at all dynamic levels

Langer Action

A Vienna action designed in partnership with Langer UK, the Brodmann PE-162 boasts a touch that is both sensitive and powerful, allowing for beautiful mellow pianissimos and thundering fortissimos.

Röslau Strings

One of the highest quality music wires available, Röslau music wire is a carbon steel wire with very high tensile strength and elasticity, making it perfect for use in piano string manufacture. Used by many high-end piano manufacturers, Röslau music wire is considered the best choice for use in high-quality pianos.

Strunz Soundboard

Strunz Soundboards are made in Germany and begin with the selection of spruce wood. Only spruce branches from high elevations in the Alps are used and the branches must have been grown and matured evenly and demonstrate a fine tree-ring structure. Only after a special cutting and storage process are the woods put together to form the soundboard. This is work that requires a particular eye and fine touch for the homogeneity of the wood. An optimum range of sound is the foremost goal of Strunz.

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Damper / Sostenuto / Shift

Product Dimensions

162cm(D) x 151cm(W)


Polished Ebony

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