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Quality Second Hand Japanese Upright Pianos from $2495 – GUARANTEED

We’re the largest importer of second hand pianos in Australia.

We also trade in and buy pianos locally

Each Australian Piano Warehouse displays between 70-140 quality second hand (used) upright and grand pianos. Japanese piano brands like Yamaha and Kawai are the most sought after so we endeavour to always have a huge range of these. Every piano is inspected and serviced by an independent qualified technician and is covered by our solid after sale guarantee.

As our stock changes daily we will not post specific models on our website. We suggest you visit one of our showrooms with locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth to see the full current range.

Our huge range typically includes a selection of the following:


Yamaha U1, U1X, U2, U3, UX, UX3, UX30, U30BL, and variations of these popular models.

Kawai US50/55/60 models, BL series, KS series, and others.

Quality Japanese made upright pianos  and others such as Apollo, Nobel, Atlas, Victor, Diapason, Eterna, Alex Steinbach, and Fritz Kuhler


Yamaha G1, C1, G2, C2, G3, C3, G5, C5, C7

Kawai KG series, RX series, Ronisch and other private label pianos.

Yamaha U3 upright pianos are the most sought after second hand pianos on the planet. Piano teachers love them because most schools and music colleges use them. Our piano tuners and technicians love them because they have proven to be the most reliable and stable pianos of this century and the last. If you are looking for a good second hand but are not sure what to buy then the Yamaha U3 is the safest option around. Ask any piano teacher!

Brand new Yamaha U3 piano

Kawai upright pianos are also very popular as good second hand pianos. We only import used pianos from Japan, hence, made in Japan. The Kawai US50, US55 and US60 were flagship models when they were new so have been built to premium standards. In short, they’ll last a lifetime with regular care and tuning.