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Second hand Pianos

Quality Second Hand Japanese Upright Pianos from $2495 – GUARANTEED

We’re the largest importer of second hand pianos in Australia.

Each Australian Piano Warehouse displays between 70-140 quality second hand (used) upright and grand pianos. Japanese piano brands like Yamaha and Kawai are the most sought after so we endeavour to always have a huge range of these. Every piano is inspected and serviced by an independent qualified technician and is covered by our solid after sale guarantee.

Our stock changes daily, so visit one of our central warehouse locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth to see the full current range.

Our huge range typically includes a selection of the following:


Yamaha U1, U1X, U2, U3, UX, UX3, UX30, U30BL, and variations of these popular models.

Kawai US50/55/60 models, BL series, KS series, and others.

Quality Japanese made upright pianos such as Apollo, Nobel, Atlas, Victor, Diapason, Eterna and Fritz Kuhler.


Yamaha G1, C1, G2, C2, G3, C3, G5, C5, C7

Kawai KG series, RX series, and others

Which piano is right for me?

Choosing the right piano for your needs can be easier than you think when you visit a piano specialist. We’ll gladly show you the differences between new and second hand pianos, and the many brands and models of upright and grand pianos. Acoustic pianos have very long lifespans, so a good purchase decision makes good economic sense and means your children’s children may still be using the piano for years to come.

When can my piano be delivered?

Our showrooms are impressively large and have anything from 70 to 140 used pianos on display at any point in time. Our experienced piano experts will help you select a suitable piano within your price range. All our pianos have rock solid guarantees that come from our 50+ years in business as a family owned musical instrument retailer. Once you’ve made your choice, delivery can occur within the next few days.

How often do I need to have the piano tuned?

Your first in-home tuning of your piano will be arranged by us. From there you can arrange for the piano tuner to return once a year, which is a suggested guideline only. It is advisable to keep the piano in concert pitch over the long haul. Call us if you need a qualified piano technician/tuner.