Kawai launches new Concert Artist CA901 & CA701 digital pianos

Kawai has announced the CA901 and CA701, the latest high-performance additions to the popular Concert Artist series of premium digital pianos, and successors to the award-winning CA99 and CA79.

These updated models retain the leading Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action of their predecessors, while introducing a brand new SK-EX Competition Grand piano sound, reproduced using Kawai’s advanced multi-channel SK-EX Rendering sound engine. Complementing the existing SK-EX Concert Grand, this latest recreation of the flagship Shigeru Kawai piano uses all new sample data, specifically recorded from the player’s perspective, and possess a bright and clear tonal character with a distinctive attack.

The CA901 and CA701’s stunning Shigeru Kawai SK-EX piano sounds are processed using new audio hardware which incorporates a high performance DAC system and custom developed piano filter. This high-fidelity sound is then delivered through the instruments’ impressive speaker systems, with the flagship CA901 featuring a redesigned 6-speaker configuration comprising new front facing direct speakers and more powerful TwinDrive soundboard speaker transducers. Both models also feature upgraded 360° top speaker diffusers, resulting in an exceptionally rich and authentic musical experience for players and listeners alike.

The CA901 and CA701’s unique cheekblock touchscreen display features an improved anti-glare panel, with a smooth matte surface that reduces overhead reflections for enhanced visibility. The instrument’s user interface has also received various updates, including the ability to turn-off the LCD display after a defined period, thus minimising any visual distractions to the performer. Wireless connectivity has also been refreshed, with Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth Audio components both adopting the latest v5 standards, ensuring ultra-low latency, improved reliability, and superior sound quality when paired with the latest mobile devices.

Finally, the latest Concert Artist models have also received numerous cabinet design and geometry refinements, with the CA701 boasting a taller, more impressive upper body and new score support pins, and the CA901 benefiting from optimised pedal and music rest placement, affording pianists a more comfortable playing position and an even more enjoyable piano experience overall.

CA901/CA701 Main Features

– Industry leading Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action
– Stunning SK-EX Concert Grand and new SK-EX Competition Grand piano sounds
– Premium audio processing, conversion, and amplification technologies
– High performance 6-speaker delivery system with 360° diffuser panels
– Unique 3rd generation TwinDrive Soundboard Speaker (CA901 only)
– Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and audio using latest v5 standards
– Anti-glare 5″ LCD touchscreen display with intuitive user interface
– Support for Kawai’s latest PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps for iOS/Android
– Flexible Virtual Piano Artisan (formerly Virtual Technician) function with 20 parameters
– Built-in Burgmüller, Czerny, Beyer, Chopin etudes and Alfred lesson songs
– Convenient WAV/MP3 audio file record and playback via USB memory
– Attractive cabinet designs available in wood grain and ebony polish finishes