8 Reasons to learn to play the piano.

  1. It will reduce your stress

There is nothing better after a long day, than unwinding with your piano and a piece of music that you love. A study conducted by K. Toyoshima, H. Fukui, and K. Kuda at the Nara University of Education compared playing the piano, calligraphy, and clay moulding. Their finding was that cortisol levels were reduced after all three activities, but piano playing had the greatest effect.

  1. Improve Your Confidence

Whether you are preparing for exams, performances, or just playing for leisure, there are so many ways that learning the piano grows confidence. You will be developing a new skill and discovering new capabilities within yourself even by simply practicing at home.

  1. Learning how to read music opens you up to a whole new language

Reading music notation for the first time is easier than you think. Once you delve deeper into sheet music, you will be learning more about how composers wrote music, and how they wish the piece to be performed. If you’re studying classical music, you’ll even be learning a bit of German, Italian, and French.

  1. Improves Coordination

Playing different notes, chords, and rhythms at the same time with both hands naturally improves coordination. Don’t be daunted by this prospect! By starting with the basics you will develop a strong foundation where combining two hands feels effortless.

  1. It teaches discipline, concentration, and determination

There is a technical side to playing the piano that is equal parts challenging and equal parts satisfying. For example, you may spend ‘X’ amount of time working on a scale or exercise, and then find you are able to tackle a difficult musical passage with greater ease. It’s a great feeling!

  1. It is easy to play songs right away

Unlike wind and string instruments where it takes time to produce a pleasing sound, you will be able to play basic music in your first moments of learning the piano.

  1. It can develop into a lifelong passion

Learning the piano should be enjoyable, relaxing, challenging and fun. As a hobbyist, whether you practice every day or go a stretch of time without learning, music is something that will always stay with you. Whether you are travelling and find an old piano, or you’re at a party where there is a piano, you’ll always be able to jump on and play some tunes!

  1. It’s fun

It is enjoyable to learn the music that you love and to be able to express yourself freely through music. Feel free to chat with one of our friendly piano specialists about how you can get started on your journey with piano.

The Australian Piano Warehouse difference

Every new Yamaha piano is carefully and professionally prepared for each customer by a Yamaha approved qualified technician. These specialist piano tuners have passed all the necessary training and have many years’ experience in the correct preparation of a new Yamaha piano. Often, they have travelled to the factory in Japan for their final training and tests.

before the new piano can receive its final tuning the technician meticulously will tap down all the strings onto the bridge to settle and bed them.  The result is a more stable first tuning and increased permanence for each tuning thereafter. You can see in the photo our tuner using the custom tool made of brass so the string can’t be damaged in the process.

Amazingly, there are 24 check points in the preparation of a new Yamaha before it can be delivered to its new home, this can take many hours to complete.  With guaranteed confidence your new Yamaha piano will arrive to the home ready for players to start enjoying it straight away. After a period of approximately 6-8 weeks the professional technician will visit your home and give the instrument a second tuning, meet the new owners and establish an on-going relationship for annual tunings. This is the final stage of the installation process ensuring a beautiful sounding and performing instrument for years to come.

We invite you to our Milton showroom to see and hear the difference in a professionally prepared Yamaha acoustic piano.

Beware of second rate imitators!

Some of our customers have recently told us they’ve been a bit confused and even felt misled by another retailer using a similar name and brand to ours in NSW.

At Australian Piano Warehouse we always welcome healthy competition. We pride ourselves on offering the best value in Australia with warehouse direct prices, and if retailers competing against each other results in an even better deal for you the customer, we’re happy to compete with the best of them. In fact, we’ve based our entire business on doing just that, offering a bigger range, better advice, and lower prices than anyone in Australia with our innovative ‘direct to you’ warehouse business.

It’s how we’ve become Australia’s biggest and best piano retailer with so many happy customers. But it’s also worth noting, we’ve been in the musical instrument industry since 1962, and remain a family owned business doing our very best for each and every customer. Including being honest.

Opening a store with an almost identical name in an almost identical location has the potential to mislead customers, and goes against everything we aim to do at Australian Piano Warehouse. It’s not something we’d do ourselves, and it’s not something we want happening to our customers.

For the record, we remain the only authorised Yamaha Piano Retailer in Willoughby, have more than fifty years of experience in the musical instrument business, and carry the full range of Yamaha pianos, including everything from beginner uprights right through to premium hand made grand pianos.

By all means shop around, but if you want the range, service and value that’s made us Australia’s Number One Piano Retailer and don’t want to be misled, make sure you choose the name you can trust: the Australian Piano Warehouse.