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The Australian Piano Warehouse difference

Every new Yamaha piano is carefully and professionally prepared for each customer by a Yamaha approved qualified technician. These specialist piano tuners have passed all the necessary training and have many years’ experience in the correct preparation of a new Yamaha piano. Often, they have travelled to the factory in Japan for their final training and tests.

before the new piano can receive its final tuning the technician meticulously will tap down all the strings onto the bridge to settle and bed them.  The result is a more stable first tuning and increased permanence for each tuning thereafter. You can see in the photo our tuner using the custom tool made of brass so the string can’t be damaged in the process.

Amazingly, there are 24 check points in the preparation of a new Yamaha before it can be delivered to its new home, this can take many hours to complete.  With guaranteed confidence your new Yamaha piano will arrive to the home ready for players to start enjoying it straight away. After a period of approximately 6-8 weeks the professional technician will visit your home and give the instrument a second tuning, meet the new owners and establish an on-going relationship for annual tunings. This is the final stage of the installation process ensuring a beautiful sounding and performing instrument for years to come.

We invite you to our Milton showroom to see and hear the difference in a professionally prepared Yamaha acoustic piano.

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