Learning to play the piano during COVID

There’s never been a better time to learn Many people ask ‘can I learn the piano as an adult?’. Absolutely! At the moment, more and more adults are flocking to learn the piano – and with [...]


Part 3 – Guiding Your Child or Teenager Through Their Practice

Now that you’ve got the right instrument for your child and they’ve started lessons with a great teacher, the real journey begins! ‘Just practice what the teacher told you to practice!’ – [...]


Part 1 – Choosing the right teacher 

Your child has come home from school and said ‘I want to learn the piano’. Fantastic! Now it’s time to start looking for a teacher. Learning the piano is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. The [...]


Part 2: Choosing The Right Instrument

You may wish to start by reading Part 1 – click here Now that you’ve decided on the right teacher, or even if you’re still in the stages of looking, it’s time to find a piano to practice on [...]


Choosing the right digital piano for your lifestyle

By Holly Terrens (Brisbane Store) These days it’s not just urban dwellers who are opting to go digital. Digital piano technology allows anyone from beginners to professional players to have a [...]


Learning the piano as an adult

By Holly Terrens (Brisbane Store) Learning the piano as an adult and learning the piano as a child are often two vastly different experiences. Whether you hated lessons as a kid, or you simply [...]


Buying a digital piano for under $1500 – a complete guide on where to start

By Holly Terrens (Australian Piano Warehouse – Brisbane) Thinking of taking up the piano? Wanting to enrol your child in piano lessons? You may hear the basic specifications you need for an [...]


The Australian Piano Warehouse difference

Every new Yamaha piano is carefully and professionally prepared for each customer by a Yamaha approved qualified technician. These specialist piano tuners have passed all the necessary training [...]


The Yamaha Arius YDP144 and YDP164 models, and how they compare to Clavinova CLP625.

If you’re looking for a digital piano for your home, you might like to look past portable digital pianos and consider a cabinet-style piano. These pianos offer the same features as most digital [...]


Yamaha P45 vs P125

If you’re in the market for an entry-level digital piano, you’ve probably already come across the Yamaha P45 or P125, both amongst some of the most popular models of portable digital [...]

Beware of second rate imitators!

Some of our customers have recently told us they’ve been a bit confused and even felt misled by another retailer using a similar name and brand to ours in NSW. At Australian Piano Warehouse we [...]


Yamaha CVP701 Review

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