The Australian Piano Warehouse difference

Every new Yamaha piano is carefully and professionally prepared for each customer by a Yamaha approved qualified technician. These specialist piano tuners have passed all the necessary training [...]

The Yamaha Arius YDP144 and YDP164 models, and how they compare to Clavinova CLP625.

If you’re looking for a digital piano for your home, you might like to look past portable digital pianos and consider a cabinet-style piano. These pianos offer the same features as most digital [...]

Yamaha P45 vs P125

If you’re in the market for an entry-level digital piano, you’ve probably already come across the Yamaha P45 or P125, both amongst some of the most popular models of portable digital [...]

Beware of second rate imitators!

Some of our customers have recently told us they’ve been a bit confused and even felt misled by another retailer using a similar name and brand to ours in NSW. At Australian Piano Warehouse we [...]

Digital Pianos versus Acoustic Pianos

To put it simply, a digital piano requires electricity and an acoustic piano does not. A digital piano is not better or worse than an acoustic piano; it just does things an acoustic piano cannot [...]

New pianos vs second hand pianos

When buying a piano there are a few important things to consider. One question we often receive is “Should I buy a new piano or is a second hand piano suitable?” A good quality piano can have a [...]