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How long does it take to learn the piano?

With a bit of practice and consistency, you’ll be playing all your favorite songs! 

Thinking about learning the piano in 2021? Take a look at the inspiring journey of these YouTubers who began playing the piano and documented their progress from day one. 

1. Matt Southam

Matt documented his journey from day one to a year. He offers some excellent advice for anyone thinking about getting started. He also performs a concert during his first year of learning the piano!


This journey video is from someone who has a background in music as a guitarist and composer. In his description ROANAH explains how he approached his practice, as well as how and why he got into music theory. 

If you’ve been thinking of adding the piano to your instrument playing palette, give this video a watch. 

3. Jacky Kuah 

This video by Jacky Kuah demonstrates how you can start playing your favorite songs right away. He also takes some time to discuss how he approached teaching himself the piano. Great insights for those wanting to learn solely from the Internet.

4. James2x

Another self-taught piano player. In between his piano clips, James gives some great commentary into the journey of learning the piano, and discusses how he pushes through the inevitable challenges everyone faces when learning a new skill. Very inspiring! 


5. Piano Progress

This video is a clear and concise look at the progress that can be made in three months using the Alfred’s Piano Books. This channel also features music from the Alfred’s Adult Piano course books, so is useful for anyone planning to take that route.

You will notice that everyone has taken slightly different approaches, so don’t be afraid to get started by learning your favorite songs, and be sure to build your technique and music theory bit by bit.

Taking piano lessons is the best way to fast tracking your playing, but as a lot of these videos have demonstrated, there are also a lot of great learning options available online and in music books.

We’ve got a range of pianos to suit your budget and lifestyle so feel free to visit us in store, or speak to one of our friendly live chat specialists on the website. 

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