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Digital Pianos versus Acoustic Pianos

To put it simply, a digital piano requires electricity and an acoustic piano does not. A digital piano is not better or worse than an acoustic piano; it just does things an acoustic piano cannot do. A digital piano can take up less space too. So if you live in a smaller space or apartment then the advantages of a digital piano may be practical. These day the digital piano options are many with a variety of finishes and designs. Many piano teachers have come to accept and play digital pianos as a genuine viable alternative to the traditional acoustic piano. In a perfect world I’d have one of each. 🙂 Some of the benefits of a digital piano are: no tuning required ever, the volume can be controlled, one can connect headphones for private listening that does not disturb others, more sounds other than piano can be available, one can record their performance or practice, and it is much easier to transport. If these benefits suit your needs than it’s worth checking out a digital piano. Obviously the quality will depend on the price and some of the top end Roland and Yamaha digital pianos are impressive. If however, you have the space which allows for a beautiful acoustic piano, and the sound of someone playing or practicing doesn’t over-ride someone else’s activity or entertainment, then by all means check out our massive range of acoustic pianos.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Pianos versus Acoustic Pianos

  1. Bruce Victor says:

    Dear Piano buyers,

    Going through a ‘mid life crisis’ and having not played piano seriously since high school and classical lessons, I have decided to take it up again as a hobby, on a teach myself basis. Without any knowledge of the real advantages/disadvantages/options currently available re digital/acoustic pianos, I did some fair research online, then decided to ‘try before you buy’ at Piano Warehouse. Greg (Brisbane) demonstrated patience with my professed lack of knowledge and guided me through options to assist with a far better choice than I had made for myself online. I am seriously grateful for his expertise. Beyond that, he was flexible on price, and continued to answer my general type questions and show me around the options well after our deal was done.

    Bottom line – excellent advice, full understanding of my circumstances, and prompt attention to me as a customer resulted in a sale within an hour of entering the store. Very satisfied customer indeed!

  2. Greg Goris says:

    Thank you Bruce.

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